A Box of Books: Stealing with the Eyes:

This morning I came home to find a mysterious box waiting for me, and I opened it up to find the author copies of my travel book Stealing with the Eyes: Imaginings and Incantations in Indonesia have finally arrived. The book is looking truly lovely. Haus Publishing have done a simply beautiful job on the cover. They have taken the murky picture that I snapped of Saumlaki, the capital of the Tanimbar islands, some time in the mid-1990s, and they have turned it into a thing of beauty.

Anyway, the book should be on general release on the 15th July. And then – if you are into anthropology, travel writing, Indonesia, witchcraft, stomach octopuses, wood carving, folk-tales, Roy Orbison or babies made from shit – you should get yourself a copy to read. Find out more by going to the book page on this website.

Incidentally, a few people have pointed out that in the inexpertly-posed photo above, it looks as if there is something sinister about to crawl over my left shoulder. I would like to reassure those of a nervous disposition that it is merely the spider-plant in the background, and not something that followed me home on my return from Indonesia.

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