About Me

About Me

Hello! I’m Dr Will Buckingham. I write, teach, and run projects exploring writing and creativity.

I write nonfiction, fiction and for children. I also write academically.

I’m currently based in Dundee, although I’m often found elsewhere in the world.

Will Buckingham
Writer & Philosopher
About Me

Books & Writing

I write fiction, nonfiction and books for children. My most recent book is Hello, Stranger, published by Granta Books (2021/2022), a BBC Radio4 Book of the Week.

Some of my other recent books include the travelogue Stealing with the Eyes (Haus Publications 2018), Snapshots of Museum Experience (with Elee Kirk, Routledge 2018), Lucy and the Rocket Dog (Knopf 2017), and Think Deeply and Flourish - A Practical Guide to Happiness (Icon Books 2018), and the recently reissued children’s classic, The Snorgh and the Sailor (Scholastic 2012 / 2022). I am contributor to the globally bestselling The Philosophy Books (DK Books 2012).

I’ve also written for BBC Travel, the i Newspaper, the Radio Times, Aeon / Psyche and many other places. My books have been translated into multiple languages including Chinese, German, Finnish, Afrikaans, Turkish, French and Korean.

For all my writing work, I’m represented by Emma Finn at C+W agency in London.

Writing, Creativity, Social Change


I am co-director of Wind&Bones, a community interest company exploring the intersections of writing, creativity and social change.

With Wind&Bones, I have worked on writing projects with a wide range of organisations including a writers' and activists' café for Greenpeace, workshops for the British Council, Indonesia, educational consultancy with a range of grassroots organisations in Myanmar, and a writing/publication project highlighting the experiences of survivors of domestic abuse with Emprove in Sofia, Bulgaria, culminating in an exhibition in the Bulgarian National Gallery.

Academic Teaching and Writing


I have a PhD in philosophy and an MA in anthropology. I’ve previously been associate professor (reader) in writing and creativity at De Montfort University, visiting associate professor at Sichuan University, and visiting professor at the Parami Institute in Yangon. As well as writing for trade publications, I publish academically—from papers and book chapters to monographs.

I’m currently working on a number of projects in post-coup Myanmar, including being on the visiting faculty at Parami University, and working on curriculum development for the Chinbridge Institute in China State, developing a first-of-its-kind philosophy curriculum for students in this part of Myanmar.

Global philosophy by email

Looking for Wisdom

My ongoing philosophy project Looking for Wisdom provides free, regular doses of philosophy by email, and takes a genuinely global perspective on what wisdom is, or what it could be.