At Taitung University

Earlier this week, I was over in Taitung with my Wind&Bones collaborator, Dr. Hannah Stevens, to give a lecture about our work in the areas of writing and social change.

It was great to be in Taitung — which is a lovely, laid-back city — and to meet with a small group of incredibly engaged and thoughtful students. It was also a landmark for me personally, as this was the first time I have delivered a lecture in Mandarin Chinese. So my parts of the lecture were all in Chinese, and I also translated Hannah’s sections from English. For the few days before the lecture, we were obsessively editing and re-editing, but in the end, I’m pleased to report that things went pretty well.

The next time we’re going to be doing a public lecture is during our residency at the Nanning Literature House later this month. I won’t say that we’ve entirely nailed the format yet, but we’re getting closer, and I’m approaching the next one with slightly less trepidation.

Image: Uming Photography, licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic via Wikimedia Commons

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