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Well, it’s now more or less spring; and with the surging green buds etc., I thought I’d give TheMyriadThings a new look. After a few days of burrowing away behind the scenes, I’m just about ready to put the site back online. There are still a few rough edges (if you find any, then let me know), but I’ve simplified things considerably. Now the posts here are divided into three categories. There are essays, which are anything from, say, six hundred words or up; then there are snippets, which are any other bits and pieces that take my fancy but that don’t really merit further development, or that I might one day develop if I have time to do so. Finally there are news posts, which are about what I’m up to, or about what’s going on with the site. This is a somewhat loose and baggy categorisation, but it should be useful to separate out the longer-form pieces from the snappier ones.

Hopefully the new-look site is a bit tidier and brighter than before. There should be a few interesting posts coming up in the next few days and weeks, including some lost posts from an earlier draft of, my personal website. I hope you enjoy the new site, and do let me know if there are any problems. Thanks for your patience whilst the site has been offline.

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