New Website

I decided a couple of months back that my website needed a refresh, so I’ve been hard at work redesigning things from the ground up.

If you are reading this, the new website is now live. So welcome on board! Things are still a bit rough at the edges, and so I’m going to be busy in the upcoming weeks tidying things up: correcting typos, making sure everything works as it should, adding in lots of missing content, and generally putting things into good order. Until then, there may be glitches and oddities. But what is life without glitches and oddities? It is the glitches and oddities, very often, that make life worth living.

For the technically minded, the new website runs using Hugo/GitHub/Netlify. It’s an elegant setup that avoids the frustrations of fiddling with databases.

Image: The Tower of Babel from the Bedford Hours c. 1410-1430. British Library via Wikimedia Commons.

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