Blogging Changes

I’ve been making various small changes to this website, as I’ve decided that I am going to convert this into my primary blog site. What this means is that I’ll no longer be blogging over on my other site, The Myriad Things. The point of The Myriad Things has always been that it should just be “stuff I’m thinking about” (rather than being a blog focussed on any one theme); and I realised recently that, given that this is the case, there was no need for it to have a separate existence from this site. At the moment, I’ve got a lot of writing projects on the go, and a full-time job as well, so in terms of time and juggling these various bits and pieces, it seems more sensible to keep most of my content in one place.

I’ve imported some of the posts from over there onto this blog (WordPress has very cleverly imported the comment threads as well), and I’ll be making a few changes over the next few weeks over here to tidy things up a bit and make the blog here more hospitable and elegant. After that, new updates will largely be taking place here! The Myriad Things will stay as an archive for a while, and the site may transform into something else down the line, although I’m not sure what: after all, who can anticipate the many transformations of the myriad things?

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