Looking for Wisdom

Looking for Wisdom

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  • Title: Looking for Wisdom
  • Published by: Wind&Bones
  • Category: Non-fiction / blog
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Looking for Wisdom was a website that I set up in 2020, while under Covid-19 lockdown in Bulgaria, and ran for over four years. Over those years, I published something like 250,000 words, including essays, interviews, profiles of philosophers, and blogs about philosophical cats. I also sent out regular newsletters, and experimented with building different kinds of philosophical communities online.

In March 2024, realising that there was a lot overlap between this site and Looking for Wisdom — they are both about me talking about philosophy (and sometimes cats) — I decided to merge the two.

So now all of the content from Looking for Wisdom is hosted over here. I’ve also decided to rebrand the Looking for Wisdom newsletter as Wayward Things, which was already a small newsletter project I was running. Having only one newsletter to write should mean I can be more focussed in my writing.