Chance Pieces: A Collection of Tales from the I Ching

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A couple of days ago, the lovely people at Aeon magazine re-shared my long essay on the Yijing or the Chinese Book of Changes, and since then I’ve had a few people getting in touch to ask if the book ever made it out into the world. It’s been fun to hear from people – some of whom like my own slightly idiosyncratic take on the Yi, and some of whom disagree hotly (but, so far, with a fair amount of good cheer) – and to re-read what I wrote back then.

Anyway, the book was published back in 2015 by Earnshaw books, so I thought there might be people coming to this blog wondering about the book. You can find a link to it here, along with more information and places to buy, and some other links as well (including to a couple of reviews, a podcast with the excellent Carla Nappi and several other things).

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