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Just a quick post to say that I’ve fixed the contact form on this site. Never needing to contact myself, I’d overlooked the fact that after changing a few settings, the form was no longer working properly.

Things should now be back to normal (I’ve just tested the new form, and it works fine), so you can go here to get in touch if you want to say hello.

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  1. Dear Mr Buckingham,

    Just writing to say that I have thoroughly enjoyed Cargo Fever and feel that I am very fortunate to have read such a treasure.

    I learned about your first book a year or two ago when I was brainstorming for fiction ideas set in Eastern Indonesia. It just so happens that I was intending to write a novel that includes the Orang Pendek and is set somewhere in Tanimbar, and somehow I just stumbled upon your website on Tanimbarese sculpture. It was rather eerie that someone else had written a novel with themes I thought were unique enough! I have since shelved the idea and am currently planning to work on another novel set in Papua–where I lived for six years as a child and early teen–but I never forgot your Cargo Fever. I was actually rather upset that Indonesian bookstores don’t have it.

    Finally, this past Christmas, I got your book as a generous Christmas present from relatives who searched it for me in imported book dealers in the US. I have found it a pleasant read, with messages I think I’ll ponder upon for a long time.

    I am a freelance features writer and former TV journalist based in Jakarta, writing mostly for the Jakarta Globe and Jakarta Expat. I am originally from Yogyakarta, peppered with Chinese and Rotinese ancestries. I produced one documentary film, The Shoemaker’s Elf (on child labour in the West Javan footwear industry, viewable on ) and intend to make more this year. The current novel which I am currently blueprinting is about six young professionals battling moral dilemmas in a fictional mining town in the remote Papuan mountains.

    I think your other books seem interesting and hope to read them one day. In the meantime, I hope we can stay in touch, and I wish you all the best with your pursuits.

    Kind regards,
    Grace Susetyo

  2. Dear Mr Buckingham,
    I like your writing about tanimbar island. I think it can make me as indonesian to be aware of indonesian island. I need your help, my lecturer gave me the task about accomodation in tanimbar island such as in larat, fortade, asutubu, selaru, batarkusu and any other little island in tanimbar. But, I can’t travel to the island now, because at the same time I have examination at my college. maybe, you can help me to send the data about accommodation on the island incuding formal and non formal accomodation?? thank you very much

  3. Hi Mr Buckingham,

    im one of tanimbar island ctizien..and i find that ur writing about tanimbar is very interesting.
    it give me alot of knowledge for me..since im new generation of tanimbar, i need to know about my homeland history too.
    im live in sifnana village(but now im study aboard), i saw the atuf’s spear already..since the spear was in my village and being protected by atuf generation there.
    there is alot of myth in tanimbar.when i was kid,i like to hear my father story about the myth here. was nice i can find the story in internet nowaday 🙂
    hope for more people read about this and explore more about tanimbar was a nice island all around..feel free to come and visit!
    anyway,thank you for sharing the willing to help if u want more information about tanimbar island.

    Kind regards,
    Jack Lerebulan

  4. Dear Mr. Buckingham,
    I happened to stumble on your website on Tanimbar. I have lived for over 48 years in the Moluccas, of which 14 years in Tanimbar (1981 – 1995). I happen to be the last foreign (Dutch) catholic missionary and am still active in Ambon city. It has for years been my dream to find time to translate Drabbe’s “Het leven van den Tanembareesch”, since Karel Mouw’s impressive translation does not always correctly translate the original Dutch tex and is worth to be published in an uptodated way. I am still not sure whether I will look for a publisher or just multiply it privately (say: a 200 copies). I am up to the tenth chapter now, which leaves some 30 chapters yet to go! Perhaps you have any suggestions that would be useful in this matter. What I want to ask you: have you any idea if Karel Mouw is still among the living? And if he is, how can I reach him? Nobody here can tell me!
    Well so far, thank you for your kind reading and – please – answering this letter.
    God bless.
    Kees Böhm

  5. Its any history about timor-laut (tanimbar) and main timor island?
    Hard to find the related stories that too much related to kei or ceram than the timor-laut and timor it self. The island tanimbar is the last island in the chain that using ikat-veaving and moon on womens head, aslo gong. Like other in the most timor than to the mollucass beside the mixing with them more intens and strong.
    Its a lost chain the relation timor and the island from savu in the west to tanimbar (selaru,yamdena) in east. Little clear is wetar and kisar that had a story related to main timor, inculude timor-luang.

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