Festivals, Awards, Reviews for The Descent of the Lyre

Thursday is fast approaching, the day when the East Midlands Book Award is announced. I’m shortlisted for The Descent of the Lyre, along with Alison Moore, Jon McGregor, my colleague and friend Jonathan Taylor (with whom I share an office!) and others. The award will be announced on Thursday, and I’m looking forward to the evening event over in Oakham.

Meanwhile, the book has had a wonderful review in Nottingham’s excellent Left Lion magazine. Aly Stoneman’s review says,

“Buckingham draws on the ancient myth/metaphor of the hero’s journey, where the he must pass through a period of suffering to gain enlightenment. His fluid, economical prose follows a rich oral tradition of storytelling and myth-making, drawing the reader into the heart of the story… the result is a unique, timeless and enjoyable work of literature.”

You can find the link to the latest issue of Left Lion here (be warned, the PDF is rather large!). Meanwhile, I’m practising the guitar for an event at the Lowdham Book Festival, where I’ll be reading from the book, and playing music including arrangements of Bulgarian folk music. The event is next Saturday 22nd June, and you can find out more on the book festival website. Tickets £3!

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