Graffiti and Numerology in Leicester

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The I Ching, it seems, gets everywhere. This morning, as I was walking into town here in Leicester, I spotted some strange symbols painted onto a building-site hoarding outside Tesco, just by the park. The first thing that caught my eye was an image of the trigram dui () ☱, or ‘lake’.




In case of any ambiguity, next door was written the word ‘lake’, as follows…


Then there was some strange correlation going on with the notes of the musical scale, as in the following diagram (reading the bottom B as a B♭), correlated with astrological symbols…




The astrological symbols reappeared, correlated in their turn with a popular rhyme about days of the week




And there’s more. A couple of panels contained magic squares, like this 3×3 square (the figure that looks like a 9 at the centre should be a 5, and then it works perfectly, and is in fact equivalent to the Luoshu 洛書 of I Ching numerology — and is associated in Western numerology with Saturn).



There was also a 4×4 magic square (read the letters as roman numerals), associated with Jupiter…




There were several more panels, one relating all of this to  the seven deadly sins and the cardinal and theological virtues of the Middle Ages, further correlated with the animals of the Chinese zodiac.



And then there were several other astrological diagrams (I don’t think that the word in the background reading ‘popsox’—which may refer to comedian Bill Bailey’s spoof Swiss Europop band—has anything to do with this).




Anyway, just as I was wondering what all of this meant, I looked at the end hoarding, which provided the following answer…
Graffiti and Numerology in Leicester



It is hard to tell what all of this numerological speculation is doing. On a building-site hoarding. In Leicester. Outside Tesco. I felt a bit as if I was in the opening pages of a novel by Russell Hoban or Umberto Eco. But whatever it all means, it was intriguing to see.



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  1. It is indeed (with the top chopped off in the photo). Well spotted. Associated with Mars.

    To paraphrase Bob Dylan, something is happening here, but I don’t know what it is…

    1. I’ve always liked Alice’s remark: Somehow it seems to fill my head with ideas — only I don’t exactly know what they are!
      Is the top chopped off, by the way? Not at all, for all I can see.

  2. Post
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  4. Don’t you think it could be God talking to you specifically? Trying to tell you that there’s more to the Yi than just chance? And using some rye humour to do it? On a building-site hoarding, in Leicester, outside Tesco…

  5. Various magic patterns are coded in the Magic Squares of order 4. Twelve distinct Magic Patterns, Magic Lines, Prime Symbols and Prime Amulets can be revealed and named after the stars in the Zodiac. See their representations by zodiac signs:

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