Happiness, Again…

Just a quick post to say that if anybody wants to snap up a copy of my Introducing Happiness book, it is available as a part of the 12 Days of Kindle promotion for a short period for 99p in the UK. The offer ends January 7th. The link to the book in the UK is here.

The book is a breezy introduction to philosophies of happiness, and takes a broad kind of approach: from Mencius and Zhuangzi, to the practices of Buddhism, to Schopenhauer’s gloominess, to Epicureanism and Stoicism, to the strange world of contemporary positive psychology, to those freewheeling Cynics of the ancient world.

Apologies to friends elsewhere in the world: I think that this offer is only available here for those who live on this damp, rainy little island. But then, we probably need cheering up the most…

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