"Hello, Stranger" to be published by Granta

“Hello, Stranger” to be published by Granta

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I’m very pleased to announce that Granta have acquired my forthcoming non-fiction book, Hello, Stranger, an exploration of how welcoming strangers into our lives and worlds may make the world a better, richer place. The book is a response to two (real or imagined) crises: the deeply problematic claim that we are undergoing a “crisis of migration”; and the idea that we are living in the middle of a crisis of loneliness.

I’m interested in how cultivating the arts of hospitality and of welcoming others may help alleviate both of these, and may allow us to build a different kind of culture. So for much of the coming year, I’ll be working on researching and writing the book, which is due out in 2020.

Expect a cocktail of anthropology, history, philosophy, politics and travel-writing, stretching from the grasslands of Mongolia to the borders of contemporary Europe, from the small-scale to the large, the intimate to the global. Here’s a link to the announcement from this week’s Bookseller (who have, eagle-eyed readers will notice, mis-spelled my name in the title of their piece…)

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