Hospitality, Islam and How to Resist Hatred: a piece in Heated Magazine

At the age of eighteen, I travelled to Pakistan, where I spent nine months, teaching in a school and then travelling the country alone. And my most enduring memory of Pakistan is the extraordinary hospitality that I received as a guest and a stranger. It’s something that I talk about a lot in my forthcoming book Hello, Stranger: How to Welcome the World.

So it has been fun writing and researching this piece on Islam, friendship and hospitality for Heated magazine: This Muslim Family Invites Strangers to Dinner to Combat Islamophobia. The piece is about California’s Yusra Rafeeqi, who at the age of fifteen set up a campaign called “Dine With a Muslim Family” to resist the growing Islamophobia of Trump’s America.

The Rafeeqi family were also generous enough to send me their recipe for Beef Nihari. Sadly, Heated did not have space to include it. But I hope to share it in an upcoming Wayward Things newsletter.

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