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            The festival of Tazaungdaing (တန်ဆောင်တိုင်) is drawing to a close, and things in our neighbourhood here in Bahan township have been pretty lively. So I thought I would share a couple of videos from the last few days. Here is a video from the festival the other day – complete with cross-dressing and papier-mâché puppets (Burmese culture, interestingly, has all kinds of interesting things going on around gender).


That was a few days ago. Today is Sunday, and so our street has been cordoned off for most of the afternoon. There are queues forming all the way back to the main road, and there are guys outside our window banging drums and gongs.

The reason for this is that this evening there is a “Nirvana Market” (နိဗ္ဗာန်ဈေး) – an offering of free food and other things (plus a raffle!). The excitement has been building all afternoon, and when things kick off properly, I’ll be heading out to see what is going on.

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