Looking for Wisdom in Taiwan

Here at Looking for Wisdom, 2023 has run away with us. No sooner had we set up the new site than we got involved in all kinds of other projects, and we had no choice but to put our work on the site temporarily to one side. Since we last posted, Hannah has had a short story collection accepted for publication and so is busy with endless edits, and Will has accepted a full-time job with Parami University in Myanmar, working online teaching philosophy and writing.

Meanwhile, we have been moving our lives from Scotland to Taiwan. It’s taken a lot of organising to get here, but a month ago, we relocated from Dundee to the wonderful city of Tainan.

We’d been planning to move to Taiwan for quite a few years — although Covid and life got in the way for a while. But now we’re here, we’re planning some fun projects.

One of the up-coming things we’re most excited about is a project that will explore the connections between food, stories and philosophy. Tainan, Taiwan’s oldest city, is a city of stories. It is also a city of foodies. So we are working on a something that will look at the connections between how we live, how we think, the stories we tell, and how we eat. We’ll post more when things have started to come to fruition.

After our brief hiatus, we still have plans to continue publishing here on the site, although on a somewhat more relaxed schedule than in the past. And we’re going to dust off the newsletter as well. So do look out for our upcoming posts and emails.

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