Let’s Do It: A Course on the Philosophy of Love

It’s the beginning of March, and here in the northern hemisphere spring is springing. So what better time to launch the second Looking for Wisdom philosophy course. This one is about the philosophy of love, and I’m taking a truly global perspective on love and its many meanings within human life. Over the next seven weeks, we’ll be trying to make some sense of what is one of our deepest—and often most confusing—human preoccupations. 

This new course will take a truly global perspective: from Ancient Greece, China and India to the philosophical cultures of sub-Saharan Africa and the forest cultures of the Amazon. You can read the first lesson here, which is about the persistence of love songs from ancient Sumer to Miley Cyrus, about biological machinery and social roles, and about messy love lives and philosophical housekeeping. And then if you want to join us for the course, you can sign up at the link below.

Image: Cupid’s Message, from the Missouri History Museum (early 20th century). Public domain.

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