New artwork on Looking for Wisdom

There have been some changes recently over on my philosophy project, Looking for Wisdom, not least of which is my decision to commission some new artwork from the brilliant Bulgarian illustrator Vesela Kucheva.

I asked Vesy to produce a header image for the front page, and also an image I could use on the community and about pages. She came up with these two beautiful illustrations.

For those who don't yet know about it, Looking for Wisdom is a philosophy-by-email project, sending out free Philosopher Files to subscribers every week. It takes a truly global view of philosophy — from China to India to Mesoamerica to Europe — in its search for answers to the question "What is wisdom (and how do I find it)?"

Looking for Wisdom
Looking for Wisdom: Philosophy for the insatiably curious. Plunge into the ideas of history’s most subtle and fascinating thinkers. Free Philosopher Files by email every Thursday.

If you want to contact Vesy, you can do so through her Behance profile.

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