New Pod-Class on Philosophy: The Arts of Living

This week, I’ve started a new, and incredibly fun project: a pod-class called “Philosophy: The Arts of Living”, thanks to the people at the shiny new platform, Flatwyse.

So, I hear you ask… what is a pod-class? Well, it’s half way between a class and a podcast. This means that I’ll be offering weekly audio lessons in philosophy, along with a private discussion channel on Slack where we can form a philosophical community and plunge into the mysteries of philosophy together.

I’ve called the class ‘Philosophy: The Arts of Living’, because I want to get back to the idea of philosophy not as a primarily academic subject, but instead a set of tools for rethinking life and how to live it.

The pod-class will be divided into seasons. So the Summer 2020 season is in full-swing, and the topic is Human Nature (And What to Do With It). It’s about what makes us human, the possibilities of human life, and the limits on these possibilities. We’ve kicked off with some Aristotle, and in the next session, we’ll be talking about Mencius, and the goodness of human nature. But — just in case everybody gets too cosy — we’ll be following up the week after by talking about Xunzi, and the badness of human nature.

If you want to find out more, pay a visit to Flatwyse. There’s a trial sign-up for the first 30 days.

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