A new website

After more than a decade, I've decided to retire my old WordPress website, and give things a refresh over here. So, I've put my WordPress days behind me, and this all-new site is running on the wonderful Ghost platform.

Not only is there a new design, but after a decade or so running on Wordpress, I've had a lot of old content to clear out. I've pruned things back, tidied things up, and now this new site should be faster, more organised, more beautiful, nicer to read, and much, much more enjoyable to manage behind the scenes.

I'm still making a few changes. So do bear with me. I've integrated my Wayward Things newsletter into new site, so if you are a subscriber, your info should have been moved over, and you'll be getting a new edition of the newsletter soon.

I've been assisted in all this by our new temporary research assistant, Margaret. Here she is, helping out.

Over the coming weeks, I'll be adding more content to the website, so that it also serves as a repository of things I've written about philosophy, books, ideas, stories, travels and other things. So the site will also be a place to gather together some of my writing that has been scattered here and there.

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