Painting Her to My Own Mind

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A year or so back, I was invited by the Laurence Sterne Trust to contribute to their exhibition Paint Her to Your Own Mind, an exhibition with 147 artists and writers all contributing their visions of the ravishing Widow Wadman to fill the blank page left by Laurence Sterne in Tristram Shandy. As an ex art student in long-term recovery, it was something of a challenge. But I was pretty pleased with the result.

So here, just for the record, is my collage of the lovely Widow Wadman. The references to ballistics should be obvious for anybody who has read the book. The eye is borrowed from a Scottish widow. And I’ve gratuitously snuck in the 54th hexagram of the Yijing (歸妹 or ‘marrying maiden’) as well.

Painter Her to Your Own Mind

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