Philosophers and Other Beasts

One of the fun things over the past month or so has been that I’ve been spending more time writing, as I build up the content over on my new project Looking for Wisdom. The project delivers philosophy to subscribers by email, and it’s been great to have a really robust number of people signing-up in the first few weeks.

There are three things going on with the project. The first is a growing series of Philosopher Files, featuring some of history’s most intriguing philosophers. The second — launching next month — is a series of ongoing philosophy courses for members. And the third is an occasional series of blog posts. Because one of the fun things about the project is that as I go about researching things, I keep stumbling across all kind of interesting historical and philosophical curiosities that are worth talking about. So here links to my two latest posts over there.

On the Virtues of Cats

John Gray, cats, and a medieval Chinese debate about the extent of feline virtue. Click here to read more.

Plato: Organist to the Beasts

This was a great find: a Persian story from the year 1200, about a dispute between Plato and Aristotle and how the music of the spheres can charm even the most savage wild beasts. Read more here.

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