Projects in Bulgaria

Projects in Bulgaria

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Last week, I was in Plovdiv, Bulgaria for the EmpathEAST 2019 forum for empathy-driven social change. Run by the wonderful Bulgarian organisation Ideas Factory / Фабрика за Идеи, I was there with my Wind&Bones collaborator, Hannah Stevens, talking about storytelling and social change, and running a workshop on the art of the manifesto.

It was an enormously stimulating few days, and great to connect with people doing all kinds of good work here in Bulgaria. And it was also a great (re)introduction to being in Bulgaria: as from last week, I’m now based in Sofia for the next six months or so.

Over the coming months, I’ll be polishing up my rusty Bulgarian, doing some teaching for Sofia University’s Academic Foundation for English and American Studies, finishing up writing Hello Stranger: Stories of Connection in a Divided World, and working on more projects with Wind&Bones.

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