Selected Projects


I care about stories and ideas that make a difference. I’ve worked as a writer and editor for everyone from small grassroots NGOs to major international publishers. I have also undertaken residencies internationally.


Education is my life! I’ve been visiting professor at the Parami Institute, Yangon, visiting associate professor at Sichuan University, and associate professor at De Montfort University. I’ve also worked extensively in community settings.


I love putting my skills as a philosopher and writer to work in practical contexts. I have worked as a consultant for arts organisations, universities and NGOs. I also mentor and coach individual writers and academics through my Wind&Bones project.

Wind&Bones Writers’ and Activists’ Café

Through Wind&Bones Community Interest Company—which I co-direct with my collaborator Hannah Stevens—I have worked with Greenpeace, Bulgaria to set up a regular café for writers and activists.

The café ran weekly, until we had to suspend operations due to Covid-19. It was a free event, based in the heart of Sofia, exploring the many ways in which writing and ideas can transform the world.

Grassroots Ethical Leadership in Myanmar

With Wind&Bones, I was commissioned by one of Myanmar’s leading educational NGOs, Mote Oo, to write a textbook on ethical leadership for use amongst grassroots organisations in Myanmar and across Southeast Asia.

The textbook is co-authored with Hannah Stevens, and is currently in field-testing. Initial responses to the text are enthusiastic! It will be published later in 2020 or in 2021.

Audio and Online Courses with Highbrow and Listenable and on Looking for Wisdom.

Over the years, I have written countless courses on philosophy and creative writing. I have produced philosophy courses for email platform Highbrow, and as podcasts for audio platform Listenable. These philosophy courses include courses on wisdom, on women in philosophy, and on happiness. In late 2020, I set up Looking for Wisdom, a resource for global philosophy featuring rich resources, ongoing courses, and interviews with living philosophers.

Philosophy Salon, Chengdu, China

Whilst working as visiting associate professor at Sichuan University in Chengdu, I set up a free, bilingual (English and Chinese) public philosophy salon at the Bookworm book-store.

The salon was a regular event, attracting up to 70 philosophers keen to discuss love and death, ethics and human nature, Aristotle and Confucius, Zhuangzi and Montaigne.

Creative Nonfiction with Flatwyse

I have partnered with the brilliant startup Flatwyse to run courses in creative nonfiction. These intensive six-week courses have had participants from all over the world.

Since starting the course, we’ve been working with a brilliant range of students—journalists, app designers, content writers—to upgrade their skills in creative nonfiction storytelling.

Want to Work With Me?

If you would like to work with me, drop me a line. I’d be delighted to hear from you.

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