Lucy and the Rocket Dog

Ready for Lift-Off (and a review)

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I’m very excited that my middle-grade novel, Lucy and the Rocket Dog is on the launchpad, and almost ready for lift-off. The launch date in the US is 15th August. It should also be available in the UK from around then, although a UK edition (with ‘Mom’ duly replaced by ‘Mum’, and any sidewalks — if there are any — converted into pavements) may be a little way off.

There’s a nice advance review on Lisa Maucione’s Literacy on the Mind blog. I’ll post more reviews as they appear.

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  1. It seems a long and winding path your book is wending on its way to the British reader. Correct me if I’m wrong, but first it was Turkish, then Chinese, American – and British only pending. Is it a record of sorts, I wonder?

  2. Post

    Thanks! It _always_ seems a long and winding path when it comes to the stuff I write. This is actually a US edition. No information yet on the UK edition. It came out in Turkish a couple of years back, but not yet Chinese. Although Chinese would be great….

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