Remaking the World: Creativity, Writing and Activism

This evening I fly to Singapore and then to Taiwan. I’m looking forward to brushing off my rusty Chinese. But after the Thingyan festival in Myanmar is over, I’m going to be back in Yangon to continue my writing residency at the Parami Institute of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

After our last course on Writing, Myth and Tradition, Hannah Stevens and I have got our heads together to come up with something new. What we came up with was a six-week course we are calling Remaking the World: Creativity, Writing and Activism. In our last course, we were struck by how many of our students were involved in grassroots projects aiming to make the world a better place. And so we thought we should offer a course exploring who words can help transform our shared reality.

The course will be suitable everyone from beginners to experienced writers and will be taught in English. It will be on Monday evenings, 7-9pm, from April 22 to May 27th. Tuition is 200,000 MMK per person. Call the Parami Institute or email to register (Mobile: 09793 030 555 or 09778 839 092; Email

NOTE: PARAMI WILL BE CLOSED DURING THE WEEK OF THINGYAN. If you can’t get through to book, just message me and I’ll see what I can do.

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