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I’m very pleased to have received a lovely review of my second novel, The Descent of the Lyre over on Jean Morris’s wonderful Tasting Rhubarb blog. Here’s an extract from the review:


You find yourself admiring this book very much: the fluid, flowing prose and fierce, colourful historical detail… This stark, sad story somehow makes you feel a bit better about life, but not in any way that’s false or facile. It’s different from anything you’ve read in ages, and a fine, humane, intelligent work.


The full review can be found by going here.

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  1. Dear Will,
    I am your one of your fans. I really enjoy reading The Philosophy Book and I learned so much of that. But there is something which is not true. As I know The philosopher named Avicenna was born near Bukhara which is now Uzbakistan and died in Hamadan which were parts of Persia, but in the book it is mentioned that he was Arab which is not true.

    1. Post

      Hi, Nima, Good to hear from you, and thanks for taking the trouble to get in touch. Sorry that I’ve overlooked your comment for quite a while – it got trapped in the over-enthusiastic spam filter, from which I have rescued it. Thanks for pointing out the error with Avicenna. I’ll let the publishers know. I didn’t, in fact, write the entry for Avicenna: it being an encyclopedia, it is a collaborative volume. I wrote everything from Nietzsche to Zizek, but nothing before that. Anyway, the book should, as you say, be as accurate as possible, so hopefully they’ll correct it in future volumes. All the best, Will

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