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As a job, it has been long overdue…. For years now, I have run multiple websites, a small online empire that over the years has mushroomed until it has reached unmanageable proportions. So after some server problems last week, I decided it was time to shrink the empire, to clean things out, and to make my various online projects simpler, more streamlined (and, incidentally, cheaper to run). It’s been a big job, but most of the heavy-lifting work is now done. So here are the major changes.

  • I’ve decided to close down my website dedicated to the Snorgh (the protagonist of my first picture book), but I’ve added the content to the Snorgh page.
  • I’ve closed down my dedicated domain, and now the content is all hosted on a subdomain of this website. You can find all the content on
  • My old thinkBuddha blog, not updated since 2010, still has some interesting content. So I’ve imported it fairly sketchily into WordPress, and I’m hosting it on another subdomain. So it is now found at
  • I’ve migrated Elee Kirk’s website to a subdomain as well, so you can find it on
  • I’ve retired my Wayward Philosophy blog and imported the content into this site. The imported posts are a bit patchy and need editing, so I’ll be going through them, removing the ones that are not worth keeping, and tidying up the ones that are.

That’s about it. I’m hoping that things will now be much easier to manage and that I can give more attention to actually writing stuff, and less to poking around the entrails of my server. During the transitional phase, there may be quite a few bugs and glitches, so do bear with me.

Image: ‘Electric Scrubbing’ from France in the XXI century. Wikimedia Commons.

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