Stealing with the Eyes - out in May 2018

Stealing With the Eyes, and the Difficulty of Understanding Anything

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There’s a very thoughtful write-up on my latest book, Stealing With the Eyes, over on the blog of Dr. Alex Woodall. Here’s an extract:

It is an absolute joy to read. It made me laugh out loud, cry, wonder, want to know more, want to go off to new places… All the things that a gripping – but real – book should be. I love it.

Read the full piece by visiting her blog for Alex’s reflections on the fraught business of anthropology, and our inability to ever really understand anything. Alex also writes terrifically interestingly on museums and on the subject of unknowing, so have a rummage when you are over that way. Then, of course, if you interest is provoked, bookmark Alex’s blog to follow, and then go and buy yourself a copy of Stealing With the Eyes.

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