Storytelling and Bridges in Myanmar

Storytelling and Bridges in Myanmar

Here in Myanmar, the rains have begun, and in a few weeks’ time, the rainy season will be in full swing. Some time in June, I’ll be heading off to Greece to escape the worst of the rainy season and to do some research work for Hello, Stranger (out from Granta in 2020), but in the last few weeks in Yangon, things are going to be busy. As a part of the Wind&Bones project I co-direct, along with my fellow writer Hannah Stevens, I’ve just signed up to run some creative writing, storytelling and communication workshops with the fabulous Myanmar-based NGO, Paung Ku.

The name ‘Paung Ku’ (in Burmese, ပေါင်းကူး) means ‘to bridge’ or ‘to span’, and the NGO works with building civil society by bringing together grassroots organisations, people, ideas, networks and resources. I’m really delighted to be working with such a brilliant organisation. We’re also at the moment in the middle of running our Wind&Bones course on writing, creativity and activism as part of the residency we’re doing at the Parami Institute, and so we’re thinking a lot about how creative writing and creative storytelling can be used to positively contribute to change in the world.

There’s a lot to explore here, and so it will be a great to have a chance to spend time look at all of this with the Paung Ku team.

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    Hi, Don,
    I’m not sure what the launch date is yet. But it will be some time in the second half of next year, I think.
    All the best,

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