The Art Intervention Brigades

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Voyage à Nantes festivalI’m just going to take time out from re-organising this website (and going through proofs of the novel, and pushing through the final edits of the philosophy book, and everything else that suddenly needs to be done by the end of June), to link to the wonderful Voyage à Nantes festival in France.

I was over in Nantes back in March, working with a fantastic group of students in the art-school, having fun with various creative-writing activities in French and in English. The idea was that the writing workshops, which lasted most of the week, would then be further developed by actor Will Courtais, and all this febrile creative energy would then eventually bear fruit in an event at the festival.

Well, all this has come to pass, in the form of the Brigades d’Intervention Plastiques (BIP – “The Art Intervention Brigades”), led by students, who are offering a fun and off-beat art tour of Nantes. The link is here.

Sadly, I’m not going to get out there to take part; but I’m delighted to see what has become of this project. Back in March when the people from the art school and I were interviewed about what our purposes were, and what our intended outcomes were, we confessed that we had no idea. We thought it might be fun. We hoped that what transpired, if anything at all, would be unexpected. And we acknowledged that it could all go very wrong indeed.

So it’s great to see that on this occasion, things did not go very wrong, and that those strange caffeine fuelled renga workshops (there’s a reason, I discovered, they use tea, and not espresso, for writing renga), walking/drawing/writing tours of Nantes, poems written in non-existent languages and the like have all paid off. All power to the Art Intervention Brigades, I say…

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