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Starting next month, I’m going to be trying an experiment: I’m launching a newsletter.

This is part of my current rethink about how I spend time writing online. Over the past few years, I’ve blogged less and less, and I’ve found that social media channels (I’m looking at you, Zuckerberg!) have been sapping too much time and energy. So I want to put my energies elsewhere, to do something both more considered, more intimate, and more enoyable.

So welcome to Will Buckingham’s Wayward Things. It’s a monthly email newsletter/magazine that is an eclectic mix of the stuff I find fun, interesting or intriguing.

Expect at least some of the following features.

  • Obscure Philosopher of the Month
  • Links to intriguing things related to writing and philosophy.
  • Snippets, tips, thoughts, recipes
  • What I’m reading, what I’m listening to and (most importantly) what I’m baking…
  • A digest to links to my recent blog posts

I don’t yet know what direction I will go on with this. It will be an evolving thing. I’m interested in sharing things that intrigue or interest me, whether they are big contemporary issues or more wayward and sleepy backwaters. Anything, in fact, that might provoke thought or help make the world a richer place.

Whether I have five subscribers or five thousand, I’m thinking that the newsletter format will be a fun thing to experiment with.  You can sign up with the form below.

Read my Privacy Policy.


Note for people who already subscribe to my website via WordPress: once Will Buckingham’s Wayward Things is up and running, I’ll remove the subscription function on this website, and so you’ll no longer get updates. There are several reasons for this: the new newsletter will be more fun to read, more straightforwardly GDPR compliant, and also less frequent, so it will keep your inboxes clear. This means that if you are a current subscriber and you want to continue to hear from me, sign up today!

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