Workshops with Refugee Trauma Initiative

Workshops with Refugee Trauma Initiative

Next week, along with my Wind&Bones collaborator Dr. Hannah Stevens, I’ll be running a creative writing workshop in conjunction with the brilliant Refugee Trauma Initiative here in Thessaloniki. RTI work to address trauma, to offer psychological support, and to offer training to refugees, asylum seekers and those who work with them.

It’s a day-long workshop, and we’ll be working with participants in multiple languages. We’ve done this before—I’ve long had a problem with the way that creative writing as a discipline is so often hitched unthinkingly to English—and it’s usually a lot of fun.

A couple of days after the workshop ends, we’ll be heading to Bulgaria to live and work there for some months. But Thessaloniki is only a short bus ride (or a significantly longer train ride) away; so we’re hoping that this is the first of many workshops that we can run here in Greece.

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