Complete Write a Novel Course

Complete Write a Novel Course. Teach Yourself / John Murray

Complete Write a Novel Course: Teach Yourself is a complete course in novel-writing, designed to take the reader from the very first ideas and impulses to the point at which their first work is out in the world. It is a map of the territory that you might need to traverse from unpublished to published writer, with some suggestions about how to look after yourself along the way.

In writing this book, I wanted to avoid two things. The first was the idea that the novel is a single thing. One of the delights of the novel as a form is that is is so endlessly varied. No two novels are alike, and the category of the novel is one that resists clear definitions. So I wanted to avoid prescriptiveness about what novels are or should be. The other thing I wanted to avoid was the idea that writers are all alike. No two writers work in the same way, and there is no one way of writing a novel. So this book is less a ‘how to’ guide setting out the One True Path, and more a handy companion that can be picked up – or put aside – along the way.

I also wanted to think about novel writing not just from the point of view of putting words on the page, but from the point of view of project management. A novel, whatever kind of novel, is a Big Job, and getting one written involves all kinds of skills, only some of which are directly about the words you put on the page. So there’s quite a lot about how to find processes and practices that suit you as a writer.

Anyway, the best way to give a sense of what is in the book is by giving a list of chapters (click on the heading below).

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