Goat Music

Goat Music

Goat Music (Roman Books 2015)

My novel Goat Music, was published by Roman Books in 2015. The novel is a reinvention of the tale of Apollo and Marsyas. It pays tribute to the lost third genre within Greek theatre—neither comedy nor tragedy—but instead the satyr play.

Goat Music follows the story of the frustrated artist and satyr Marsyas as he sets out to learn the art of music, and then challenges the great god Apollo, with monstrous consequences.

Goat Music is a book about corrupt gods and upstart artists, a fable about the power and its abuses, and about the enduring power of art.

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Playful and shocking, disturbing and brilliant.Jonathan Taylor, author of Melissa and Entertaining Strangers
This is indeed a story of incautious hubris but in Buckingham’s hands its also a tale of the arbitrariness of power and exercising that power for the pleasure of the cruelty it can inflict. Power exercised in this fashion robs the victim of their identity and their dignity just as Apollo robs Marsyas of his skin.

I read this story at one sitting and that’s a tribute to Buckingham’s storytelling powers – this rips along at a fair old pace – and it’s full of incident and pretty graphic detail. This is, of course, one of the other advantages of using these stories of the Classical world – they are ram packed with sex and violence and Buckingham embraces these elements with glee.

Whatever messages you take way from this reinvention of the Marsyas stories the one thing I can guarantee is that you’ll be drawn into a vivid and visceral reading experience that you’ll find hard to put down.Everybody's Reviewing Blog