The Philosophy Book

The Philosophy Book

The Philosophy Book, published by Dorling Kindersley

I contributed two chapters to Dorling Kindersley’s magnum opus, The Philosophy Book: Big Ideas Simply Explained.

I was responsible for writing the last two of the six chapters in the book, covering philosophy in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. So I covered everybody from Nietzsche to Žižek, and a whole load of other philosophers in between.

The book has been a runaway success globally, with editions in French, Spanish, Portuguese, Finnish, German, Dutch, Japanese, Chinese, and many other languages.

My fellow writers on the project were Peter J. King, Douglas Burnham, Marcus Weeks, Clive Hill and John Marenbon. Sarah Tomley was editor. I tend to get listed as the main author by mere alphabetic accident, my surname beginning with a “B”.

To get a sense of the content, have a look at these two-page spreads.

Simone de Beauvoir

John Rawls

Max Scheler and Karl Jaspers