Complete Write a Novel Course

Complete Write a Novel Course. Teach Yourself / John Murray

Complete Write a Novel Course: Teach Yourself is a complete course in novel-writing, designed to take the reader from the very first ideas and impulses to the point at which their first work is out in the world. It is a map of the territory that you might need to traverse from unpublished to published writer, with some suggestions about how to look after yourself along the way.

The best way to give a sense of what is in the book is by giving a list of chapters.

  • Introduction
  • Why write a novel?
  • Have I got what it takes?
  • Reading
  • Generating ideas
  • Architecture and World-Building
  • Research
  • Plot
  • The Basics of Character
  • Knowing your Characters
  • Storytelling
  • Why redraft?
  • Pace, Logic and Structure
  • Logic
  • Language
  • Setting up a routine
  • Distractions, Writer’s Block and Other Gremlins
  • Finding Support
  • The Why and How of Publishing
  • Preparing your work for publication
  • Self-Publishing
  • Third-Party Publishing
  • Copyright, Ethics and Law
  • Surviving as a writer
  • Promoting your Work
  • In Conclusion

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