The Snorgh and the Sailor (with Thomas Docherty)

The Snorgh and the SailorThe Snorgh and the Sailor is a children’s picture book, published in 2012 by Alison Green Books, and illustrated by Thomas Docherty. It follows the fortunes of the Snorgh – a grumpy, friendless marsh-dweller – as he meets with a sailor, and as a result finds himself precipitated upon an unexpected voyage.

The Snorgh has been widely used in schools throughout the UK and beyond, and was the 2014 choice at Seven Stories, the UK’s National Centre for Children’s Books, for their World Book Day celebrations. It been translated into Finnish, German, Chinese, Turkish and Afrikaans. I’m particularly fond of the Chinese title, which is 长鼻子冒险家和长耳朵冒险家, “Long Nose the Adventurer and Long Ears the Adventurer”.


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