Yangon, again

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            Well, it has been just under a year and a half since I was last here, but three days ago I flew back into Yangon. I'm here for several months doing some work with the project I jointly run (along with Hannah Stevens), <a href="http://windandbones.com/">Wind&amp;Bones</a>. I'm still finding my feet again, but I'm glad to be here. The plan is to be here for several months, perhaps longer – depending on how our various plans work out.

It it is good to be back, even though this is a strange time to be in Myanmar, given the bigger political situation – none of which is particularly hopeful. But for the time being, it’s just been good to be back, catching up with old friends, reconnecting with my very rudimentary Burmese language, and breakfasting on potato curry and paratha at the Idea tea house (arguably the best breakfast in the world).

Once I’m settled in, I’ll be writing about all things Burmese. But for the time being, here’s a picture of the best breakfast in the world.


အာလူးဟင်းပလာတာ / aloo hin palata – Potato Curry with Paratha



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