A New Appointment

I’m delighted to announce that I have recently been appointed to a new position as a member of the core faculty at Parami University, working with students in Myanmar and beyond to provide high-quality undergraduate education in what are the most difficult of circumstances.

I have been working with Parami in one way or another since 2017, when I was a part of the university’s founding faculty in Yangon. I was back in Yangon in 2018, to work as writer in residence at Parami alongside my Wind&Bones collaborator, Hannah Stevens.

After the coup, Parami University was forced to reshape itself as a university in exile. I was closely involved in curriculum development for the new university, now registered in Washington State. I have also been teaching a number of courses over the past year or two, including courses in the Arts of Argument, courses in writing and thinking, and seminar courses in the humanities.

It felt timely, then, to be joining Parami again as a member of their full-time faculty. Not only is Parami an extraordinarily impressive project, but it is also a delightful place to work: with wonderful colleagues, and astonishingly talented students. I feel lucky to be a part of it.

Image: Hsay Wingaba pagoda, Yangon. Photo copyright Will Buckingham, 2019.

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