Dragon-carving for Writers

I’m delighted that at Wind&Bones, we have been awarded funding from the British Council Connections Through Culture scheme for a small pilot project exploring the contemporary significance of the Wenxin diaolong (文心雕龍), or The Heart of Literature, and the Carving of Dragons.

The Wenxin diaolong is a text by the writer Liu Xie, written between the fifth and sixth centuries, exploring the art of writing.

So in collaboration with the brilliant Dr Sipei Lu (Guangzhou Academy of Arts) we’ve brought together a group of writers to explore the text through an online workshop.

Then we’re going to be commissioning new works written in response to Liu’s text in Chinese and English. These will be cross-translated between the two languages, and published on the project website.

The participating writers are

  • Will Buckingham (that’s me!)
  • Dr Hannah Stevens (my Wind&Bones collaborator)
  • Dr Sipei Lu (陆思培) from the Research Centre for New Art Museum Studies, Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts
  • Poet, novelist and translator, Ningli Deng (邓宁立)
  • Writer, critic, and Goldsmiths PhD student, Yuhang Zhang (张煜航)
  • Artist and writer, Zhenhao Shi (史镇豪).

It’s a fabulous line-up, and we’re excited to see where the project goes.

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