A Love Letter for Myanmar

I woke up yesterday to the terrible news about the coup in Myanmar, so I wrote this piece over on Medium as a love letter to Myanmar, and to my Burmese friends.

 And I came to see that Myanmar was a place where change seemed possible, even in the face of a broken past. There was an urgency to all this creativity. My Burmese friends knew what was at stake. Only six years old, Myanmar’s fledgeling democracy was a fragile thing, something that seemed as if it might be snatched away at any moment. Back in 2017, there was the sense that the future wasn’t assured, that military rule might return at any moment.

Please feel free to share this. It gives a sense, I think, of the fierce creativity and hope in Myanmar over the last decade. This coup is a particularly brutal kind of idiocy. But, as I say in the piece, the courage and creativity I witnessed in Myanmar gives me hope that, however broken the world seems, it can still be mended.


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